King of the road

Two motoring powerhouses are jointly developing a HEAVY-DUTY FUEL-CELL TRUCK to reduce carbon emissions.
Part of the ambitious Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 is the New Vehicle Zero CO2 Emissions Challenge. This will see Toyota cutting its average carbon dioxide emissions from new vehicles by 90%, compared to 2010 levels.

In order to achieve this goal, major improvements are required in the environmental performance of heavy-duty trucks. These trucks are typically used for inter-city transportation and need to have sufficient cruising range, load capacity and fast refuelling capability. Fuel-cell vehicles that run on hydrogen (with its high-energy density) are the answer.

Toyota and Hino Motors Ltd see hydrogen as an important energy source for the future and have worked together on development and proliferation of fuel-cell technologies since conducting joint trials of a fuel-cell bus in 2003.
The chassis of the new fuel-cell truck is specially designed and steps are being taken, through comprehensive weight reduction, to ensure a sufficient load capacity. The powertrain, equipped with two Toyota fuel-cell stacks newly developed for Toyota’s next generation Mirai, includes elements of vehicle driving control applied through heavy-duty hybrid vehicle technologies developed by Hino.