Behold the rumble workout, an intense mix of boxing, high-intensity interval training, cardio, strength training and metabolic conditioning that will leave you feeling like Muhammad Ali on steroids. In fact, the name is taken from the iconic Rumble in the Jungle boxing match between US undefeated world heavyweight champion George Foreman and former heavyweight champion Ali.This next-level group drill has taken the fitness world by storm – (yes, you’ll find classes in the edgiest NewYork training clubs) and capitalises on the A-list trend that sees celebs as diverse as comedian Amy Schumer and reality queen Kim Kardashian lacing up their gloves.

Rumble is a homegrown South African concept, developed with the help of former SA pro bantam and featherweight kickboxing champ Josh Cassius Cloete. The result is a high-octane class that’s guaranteed to leave you energised. Best of all, there’s no violent bruising or bashing in a Rumble class. Instead, it’s a no-contact, effective workout to a killer soundtrack.

Ceri Hannan, National Product Development Manager at Virgin Active South Africa, says, Rumble is “a really exciting addition to our group training programme as it combines fun, fast-paced fitness to upbeat music and tension-busting movements that will leave you feeling fitter and stronger, just like Conor McGregor … minus the bruises”.


6 BASIC BOXING PUNCHES You’ll become familiar with the jab, cross, left and right hook, and uppercut.You’ll create combinations of these moves in increasingly complex ways as the class progresses.

INTERVALS & CIRCUITS The session is broken up into intervals and circuits, and you’ll spend half the time pounding a boxing bag.The remaining time is devoted to strength and body-weight conditioning exercises.


REPEATS Expect three three-minute circuits of punching, skipping and shadow-boxing followed by a 60-second cardio blast to round o the 10-minute circuit. Which you do again. And again. And again!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY To keep things interesting, every session includes a movement of the day.This could be anything from “high-knees” – a high-intensity cardiovascular exercise that gets your blood pumping, activates your core and strengthens your legs – to the squat thrust (AKA the burpee) that is known as the most e cient exercise ever.


Expect a 60-minute workout over nine rounds of skipping, jabbing and punching that will blast away 700 calories.


Traditional cross-training shoes and whatever makes you feel comfortable. Hand wraps and boxing gloves are handed out at each class.


A short shadow-boxing session.

Increased strength, speed, coordination, agility and con dence.

The soundtrack! Get pumped up to hip-hop/dance fusion vibes – with a difference. Rumble music includes bells and sound clips from real live boxing matches, which is bound to get you feeling like a champ.

Don’t be intimidated if you’re a beginner. Classes cater for all ages and stages.

Virgin Active gyms nationwide.